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We extend our gratitude and appreciation to the following individuals and organizations whose contributions have been instrumental in the development and success of Boma Consult:


1. Our Dedicated Team:

  • Blessing Douglas – CEO/Team Lead
  • Faith Adeyanju – Marketing Manager
  • Isaac Olugbenga – Creative Designer & Website Designer
  • Kingsley Anamalechi – SEO Manager


2. Creative Contributors:

  • Isaac Olugbenga
  • Kingsley Anamalechi


3. Trusted Partners:

  • Laser Technology Education (LTE)
  • AtarahBaby
  • Jolloff Etcetera
  • Anewskin MedSpa
  • Douglas Kintsukuroi Foundation
  • Isaac Creative


4. Open Source Communities:

   – WordPress


5. Valued Clients:

  • Laser Technology Education (LTE)
  • AtarahBaby
  • Jolloff Etcetera
  • Anewskin MedSpa


6. Web Development and Hosting:


7. Photography and Visual Content:


8. Supporters and Well-Wishers:

    – Thank you to anyone who has supported our journey


We value your contributions and support in helping us achieve our goals and deliver exceptional services to our clients. Your expertise, creativity, and partnership have been instrumental in our success.


If you believe there is an omission or correction needed in this credits section, please contact us at info@bomaconsult.com. We aim to ensure that all contributions are duly recognized and appreciated.